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Current Members

Dr. Zach Severance

Postdoctoral Researcher

B.S. in Sports Biology
Ph.D. in Cellular and Behavorial Neuroscience (CBN), University of Oklahoma (2020)


Jorge L. Berrios Rivera

Graduate Student

B.S. in Natural Sciences, University of Puerto Rico at Cayey (2017)


Robert S. Fogle

PhD Candidate

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Previous Postdoctoral Research Associates


Dr. Naga Rama Kothapalli

B.S., University of Mumbai (1998)
M.S., University of Mumbai (2000)
Ph.D., University of Nebraska-Lincoln (2006)
Postdoc, National Institute on Aging NIH (2006-2013)
Postdoc, University of Oklahoma (2013-2016)

*CV coming soon
Members: Team

Dr. Gopal Peddabuddai

Dr. Nathan Green

Members: Team

Previous Graduate Students


Regulatory Associate, UT-Southwestern Medical Center


NMR Applications Scientist, Magritek Ltd.

Postdoctoral Researcher, Univ. of Wisconsin School of Pharmacy


Postdoctoral Research, Vanderbilt University


Postdoctoral Researcher at National Cancer Institute

Members: Team

Caitlin Crowder

Nicholas Wasinger

Ebienezer Gyan

Tim Murphy

Kayla Love

Matthew Finneran

Ines Forrest

Members: Team

Previous Undergraduate Students

Bliss Baird

Amy Banka

Matthew Baron

Shary Bouvette

Devin Butts

Casey Cai

Thomas Cain

Kelly Deguilhem

Kelsey Dewbre

Stephen Dunne

Drew Fancher

Caitlin Glenn

Kätchen Lachmayr

Heather Legan

Kaitlin Lutz

Courtney Martin

Logan Melot

Evan Mettenbrink

Landon Mignard

Samuel Mitchell

Gabriella Nguyen

Bennett Oden

Rahma Osman

Suparishya Parikh

Laura Potts

Ashley Rodriguez

Jacob Ruzicka

Sophia Sakers

Thomas Salas

Peter Sandell

Abhishek Soni

Makayla Taylor

Caitlin Tobin

Cole Townsend

Mark Wendelboe

Elsie Wilson

Gianni Manginelli

Members: List
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